ELSA Benelux Conference

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Overview & Programme

This year’s Benelux Conference takes place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December in Brussels.

On the first day

we will begin with a visit to the Benelux Parliament. Here, the Secretary General of the Benelux Parliament will tell us a little bit more about the Benelux cooperation in general. Afterwards, a judge will provide us with more information regarding the functioning of the Benelux Court. Afterwards, we will get a guided tour through the city. In the evening, we will go to the city centre where we will have dinner. Later on, we will meet our ELSA friends for the party at the Delirium and continue our way through the nightlife of Brussels!

Our second day

We will have our day of Workshops and Lectures at the University of Brussels about Intellectual Property Law in the emerging fields of Data Protection and Environmental Law.

Once the academic programme is finished, there will be free time for you before dinner to do some more sightseeing or to have more shots at the Christmas Market. Later we will have dinner together and afterwards head towards the Christmas Cocktail of ELSA International!

On the last day

Before saying goodbye, we will have breakfast together, enjoy Brussels’ touristic attractions and with this we will conclude this year’s Benelux Conference!


The Benelux Meeting is a project jointly organised by ELSA Belgium, ELSA Luxembourg and ELSA the Netherlands.

Participation Fee: €68,-

Including 2 nights in hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Excluding public transport.

Christmas Cocktail Fee: €15,-

on the 9th of December (Exclusively for ELSA members)

Application deadline is the 20th of November
There are only limited spots available. First come, first served