Board of ELSA the Netherlands 2017/2018

Eva te Dorsthorst

Eva te Dorsthorst


Dear everyone,

My name is Eva te Dorsthorst, I am currently a Master student in Nijmegen, studying (European) Business Law. This year, I will be representing ELSA the Netherlands as your President! I will also be active as Vice-President for Academic Activities, as I was last years VP AA of ELSA Nijmegen.

Ever since I went to the Key Area Meeting Münster in September last year, I was determined to be active on the National Level of ELSA the Netherlands. As a President and a VP AA in one, I will be working hard on activating the ELSA Flagship projects within the Dutch network, as well as increasing our relations with externals. Ever since our election on NCM III in Maastricht, we have been working hard on making this year the best that ELSA the Netherlands has ever seen!

Together with my board, our directors and our Local Board members, this is bound to be succesful. I have the utmost faith in a succesful term for ELSA the Netherlands in 2017/2018, and I am looking forward on working on all the projects with you!

ELSAfully yours,


Amo Amoh

Amo Amoh


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Żaneta Chrostowska

Żaneta Chrostowska

Secretary General

Hey everyone!

I‘m Żaneta Chrostowska and I’m a Secretary General of ELSA the Netherlands this year. I‘m 21 years old and I’m a master student of corporate and commercial law in Maastricht. This year I am going to be busy with managing the internal affairs of ELSA the Netherlands! But I’m more than excited to start my term and I wish for fruitful year.

Tessa Robijn

Tessa Robijn

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences

Hi all! My name is Tessa Robijn, I study Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and I will be this year’s Vice President for Seminars & Conferences of ELSA the Netherlands.

After being last year‘s Vice President for Seminars & Conferences of ELSA Amsterdam, I wasn’t ready to let ELSA go. ELSA had given me, on both the local and the international level, so many memories, fun people and motivation that I decided to take my local experience to the national level.

This year I would like to focus on the corporation between the local groups and to develop a strong area where everything that S&C has to offer solidly comes together. The previous year, ELSA the Netherlands has set a good base on which we are going to continue. I am really looking forward to the coming year, let’s make it a great one!

Horatiu Hudin

Horatiu Hudin

Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Dear network/Dear friends,

My name is Horatiu Hudin, originally from Romania, I am 21 years old, I do not know for a fact what was the exact hour that I was born but I am still counting. I define myself as a hard-working person, smart, ambitious, handsome, modest, and on top of that with a great sense of humour. Leaving the jokes aside, I would like to say that I am tremendously pleased to be representing STEP at the national level for the upcoming year and ELSA the Netherlands as a whole. During the last year I activated as a local VP STEP for ELSA Tilburg and it got me so enthusiastic of what the program stands for that it simply swayed me to go for the next level. Although, I do understand the pressure holding on my shoulders, to be the first on this position after a long time, I am truly confident that STEP itself has not reached by far its full potential. Therefore, I hope for cooperation and transparency for this period ahead of me, to revive STEP for the Netherlands and for the whole network. Last but not least, I know we are all young, or at least lawyers with a young soul, and because of that, I can assure you, dear Dutch network of the most amazing period of your life-time! I am really looking forward to meet you all!

ELSAfully yours,

Horatiu Hudin

Directors 2017/2018

Roy Colen

Director for Marketing

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Valentina Gorgis

Director for Expansion

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Maddy Geerarts

Director for Moot Court Competitions

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Joris Digners

Director for SELS

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Anna Cleuters

Director for STEP Job Hunting

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Anxhela Uldedaj

Director for STEP Students

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