Seminar aan de Toeslagenaffaire

Beste leden,

ELSA the Netherlands organiseert een lezing over de toeslagenaffaire 💰 In zijn rapport zei de onderzoekscommissie dat er sprake was van “ongekend onrecht” en de “beginselen van de rechtsstaat geschonden zijn”. In deze lezing zal worden toegelicht wat er gebeurt is en welke beginselen zijn geschonden 👩‍⚖️

We zien jullie graag op 28 april om half 8 via Zoom. De lezing wordt gehouden in het Nederlands.

Link naar de sessie staat in de bio! 👆

Board year?

Do you like working in a team? Do you strive in an international environment? Are you passionate about legal activities or developing your skills in managerial or creative areas? 

Apply for a board year at ELSA the Netherlands! 👩‍💼 The elections will take place on the 8th of May, at the third National Council Meeting. You can apply for the following positions:

1. President 
2. Secretary General 
3. Treasurer 
4. Vice President in charge of Marketing 
5. Vice President in charge of Academic Activities
6. Vice President in charge of Moot Court Competitions
7. Vice President in charge of Seminars and Conferences
8. Vice President in charge of STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme)

👉 If you want to know more about the board duties and responsibilities, and the application procedure, join our info session on the 20th of April, at 19:00! You can find the link to the session in our bio! 👈

ELSA Negotiation Competition

Sign-up deadline: 1 May 2021

Date of the competition: 22 May 2021.

The ELSA Negotiation Competition (ENC) is an academic competition in which a team of two students representing a fictitious client negotiates either a transaction or the resolution of a dispute with an opposing team of two students or recent graduates.The purpose of the Competition is to:

  • Promote greater interest among law students in legal negotiation;
  • Provide a means for law students to practise and improve their negotiating skills; and
  • Provide law students with a critique of their performance from experienced legal negotiators.

This year, the 2nd edition of the Dutch national ENC will take place fully online on 22 May 2021. The participants of the competition are law students from around the Netherlands with varying legal backgrounds ranging from Dutch law, International law to European law.

The language of the competition is English. In the weeks leading up to the competition, ELSA will also organize seminars to support the teams in their preparation.

Sign up using this link:

Short Article Call

Do you have some free time on your hands and observations about the effect of AI on human rights’ protection? What do you think – is AI a friend or a foe? How does AI influence the right to privacy or to freedom of expression? 

Let us know! Write a short article威而鋼 on a topic related to the theme ‘Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights’ and become published in the first edition of the ELSA the Netherlands magazine (whose name we will pick together in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!) 

If you have any questions, comment or send an email to

Law&Tech Career Day

ELSA Law & Tech Career Day is your opportunity to get in touch with legal professionals from different institutions, firms, organizations and more, and learn about their career paths and tips on how to make it in the different fields related to law and technology. Whether you are interested in intellectual property, legal tech, privacy, data protection or AI in the legal context, this is the career event for you!Five amazing and inspiring speakers will join us for interactive sessions and share their professional background, experience, and career advice with you. You will also have the opportunity to present your questions to the speakers. With this diverse set of expertise, ELSA the Netherlands wishes to provide you with an opportunity to explore the fields of technology and law.

The event will take place on the 17th of April (Saturday), and you can join one or more of the sessions by registering before the day.

Register here:

To learn more about the speakers and chosen topics of the panels, visit our social media: Facebook and Instagram.

For more information or last minute registrations, please contact the organizing committee at

Welcome to the Law & Tech career day, we are looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Supporters of the National Moot Court Competition

Supporters of the National Moot Court Competition

Supporters of the National Moot Court Competition

In organising this competition, we heavily rely on the help from lawyers and legal professionals. In this respect, we are beyond grateful to welcome judges from different firms. This year, participants can therefore expect to encounter judges from the following firms:

Have you signed up for spectating at the final round yet? Do it here: you Saturday!

Legal writing | Instagram Live

How experienced are you in legal writing?

Join our Vice President for Academic Activities and Director for Legal Writing to learn all the basics of legal writing and to ask your questions about creating academic papers. 

What you will learn could come in handy for the ELSA & NHC Essay Competition (more information on our profile).

18.03.2021 | 19:00 | ELSA the Netherlands Instagram live (@elsathenetherlands)

Alumni talks – Episode 1 | Teaser

What we promised, we will deliver! The first episode of our Alumni Talks is coming your way. Tune in next Friday for a small interview with Eliza Badescu.

Essay Competition

Win publication in the Security and Human Rights Journal and an interview on the SHRM website in this Essay Competition on COVID-19 impact on Access to Justice in Europe! 🤯

During the pandemic, Courts were and still are closing, reducing, or adjusting their operations, which can negatively impact the provision of timely and fair hearings, contribute to increased case backlogs, and lead to increased length of judicial and administrative proceedings. Certain groups are especially affected by these changes. While there may be burdens, there are also many benefits and lessons to be learned from this pandemic and how it has impacted our judicial systems in Europe.

With many topics and perspectives available under the topic of the competition, we welcome all essays under the given subject, as far as they comply with the following rules:

– Deadline: 31 March 2021, at 23:59;
– Word count: 5000-6000;
– Font and layout: Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified;
– Topic: Legal paper;
– Front page: includes full name, contact information, university and year of studies, and the topic of the paper, wordcount; 
– Other formalities: Must include footnotes and a bibliography using OSCOLA; must include an abstract that is about 10% of the length of the essay; must include a short introduction of the writer; and participants must be law students in one of the 44 countries where ELSA is present.

The best three (3) essays will be submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed Security and Human Rights Journal, and the best (1) writer will receive the interview as an additional prize, and will get published on the SHRM website (
Submissions and questions can be sent to ELSA the Netherlands at The essays are shortlisted by ELSA the Netherlands based on the submission criteria, and judged by a panel of experts from the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (@nl.helsinkicommittee). Essays not fulfilling the above criteria will not be considered.

Good luck! 🍀

Call for the ENC Director

We are looking for a Director for the National Round of the ELSA Negotiation Competition. Leap at the chance to join out national team, learn how to manage international projects and network with students from around the Netherlands and Europe. 

ENC is short for the ELSA Negotiation Competition. It involves two teams negotiating a fictitious case while judged by a jury of legal professionals. As the Director for the National ENC Round, you will be in charge of coordinating all aspects that factor into the organization of a Moot Court. These include logistics, financing, participant management, and many more tasks. 

We expect you to: 
-> Skill requirements:
– Organisation,
– Communication,
– Familiarity with the workings of ELSA.
-> Language requirements:
– English (B2 level minimum).

To apply, send us your CV and motivational letter (max. one page) to The deadline is 10.03.2021, 23:59❗