ELSA Traineeships is the international legal traineeship programme of ELSA, and also ELSA’s oldest Flagship Project.

Practical experience is essential for law students and young lawyers. Through ELSA Traineeships, ELSA-Members get the unique opportunity to gain experience aboard. But ELSA Traineeships is much more than just gaining experience. You can get to know other cultures, meet new friends and above all develop yourself as a person.

ELSA Traineeships enables law students and young lawyers to gain legal work experience in foreign jurisdictions. Through ELSA Traineeships, ELSA members can gain first-hand legal work experience at a variety of organisations such law firms, banks, courts and other public and private institutions in different jurisdictions, in and even outside of Europe.

ELSA Traineeships provides a cross-cutting picture of the true diversity of the legal profession as ELSA Traineeships may be offered at any organisation active in the legal sector. In the autumn application cycle of 2019, ELSA provided over 250 STEP Traineeship vacancies at over 170 Traineeship Providers operating in 33 different countries in- and outside of Europe.

ELSA members may apply for free for ELSA Traineeships.

Recently, ELSA Traineeships has also enacted the possibility to partake in such experiences in a remote manner. Consequently, ELSA Traineeships complements the general recruitment schemes of organisations by providing them candidates matching their specific needs and interests.

The details of and requirements for each ELSA Traineeship vacancy are explained in the publication of the vacancy during the application periods (in spring and autumn – follow our social medias to stay up to date!) and on the ELSA Traineeships website.


Feel free to contact Jeroen Schildering, our Vice President in charge of Professional Development.