February agenda

Check out what our groups have in store and make sure to join them for these exciting events!

ELSA Maastricht

‘All things academia: take your academic career to the next level aims at providing students with tools to kick-start their careers in academia.

‘Presentation on the Practice of Independent International Lawyers’ will be delivered by DelCanto, an international law firm that specialises in the areas of international and tax law (English, Spanish and Qatari law).

ELSA Maastricht will also host the Regional Round of the EHRMCC.

ELSA Amsterdam

‘Verder dan de advocatuur’ is a series of lectures. The first one will be delivered by a lieutenant colonel working as a legal professional at the Ministry of Defence.

The lecture ‘Duch law 101’ will be delivered by prof. Leonard Besselink on the unique constitutional structure of the Netherlands.

ELSA Utrecht

The interview with Marry de Gaay Foortman, author and partner with Houthoff, will be about her book ‘Don’t Drown a Dead Duck’ which presents her path to leadership.

ELSA Leiden

ELSA Leiden has planned two online visits. The first one is to the OPCW.

The second one, organised in collaboration with ProDemos, will be to the ECJ. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

ELSA Groningen

Alumni of the University of Groningen will deliver presentations about their professions, providing tips and trick on building a career within their corresponding field.

For the Diplomats’ Day, diplomats from Chile, Romania, Greece and Switzerland will be conducting presentations on the effects of Covid-19 in the context of international affairs and diplomacy, with limelight on their respective home states.

The Freshman Symposium is a collaboration with several local associations, meant to acquaint first-year students to the various specialisations and student associations that the Faculty of Law has to offer.

ELSA Tilburg

ELSA Tilburg will be organising an Instagram Quiz for Valentine’s Day.

It will also hold its local round of the National Moot Court Competition.