Internal Meetings


National Council Meeting

The National Council Meeting, shortly NCM, is a statutory meeting within a national ELSA network. Within the Dutch ELSA network, NCM’s are organised three times per year: in September, January/February and April/May. Local groups are obliged to attend these meetings, that last two to three days. At the meeting, workshops will be organised by the national board or external trainers in order to train the local officers and strengthen the network. Next to workshops, the local ELSA groups vote on proposals during the statutory plenary meetings. Lastly, there is a social programme in order to get to know each other better. Active members from local ELSA groups are more than welcome to take part in the National Council Meetings.

Dutch Officers’ Transition

The Dutch Officers’ Transition, shortly DOT, is a training meeting within our national ELSA network. At the meeting, workshops will be organised by the outgoing and incoming national board or external trainers in order to prepare new boards for the upcoming term and transition the knowledge network-wide.


International Council Meeting

The International Council Meeting, shortly ICM, is a statutory meeting that takes place twice a year. It is the largest internal ELSA meeting and lasts for five days. During this meeting, all national ELSA groups assemble to have workshops and take decisions for the international ELSA network. The first ICM of the academic year takes place in autumn, and the second one in spring. During the second International Council Meeting, the international board of ELSA is elected for the next academic year.

International Strategy Meeting

The International Strategy Meeting is an annual internal meeting of the Members and Observers, organised in winter. The aims of the International Strategy Meeting are strategic planning for the future of the Association and evaluation of current activities.

The outcomes of the ISM become the pillars of further developments, starting from the upcoming ICM, through the more detailed plans for the next term, ending on drafting long term priorities for the Association as a whole.