National Online Agenda (December 2020)



1:30 – @elsagroningen organises a workshop at the Groningen Law Congress in collaboration with another students’ association on the topic of ‘Does emergency break the law? Government intervention in times of crisis’, with the Dutch Diplomat Jurrien van der Horst as a speaker.

4:00 – @elsautrecht organises a webinar presented by prof. Jerfi Uzman, regarding the ‘Coronaspoedwet’ (in Dutch).Register: (…/1FAIpQLSdX1qzFBvX…/viewform…)

4:00 – organises a webinar on juvenile criminal law ‘Lezing over het Jeugdstrafrecht’ (in Dutch). Register:( (facebook more here:

5:00 – @elsagroningen organises ‘Life After Law School’ which will consist of a webinar and Q&A conducted by an EU Public Affairs Consultant at a major consultancy bureau in Brussels. It is a novel opportunity to display a less conventional career path one could take after law school. The event will include a presentation about our successful lobbyist’s career, what she does on a daily basis, the relevant skills needed to get a job in Brussels and many more.


1:50 – @elsautrecht, jointly with @elsa_nijmegen, organises a webinar ‘The ECB and its Digital Euro’. Learn more here: