LXXI NCM, the first NCM of 17/18

LXXI NCM of ELSA the Netherlands

LXXI NCM of ELSA the Netherlands

First NCM of 2017/2018

 The LXXI National Council Meeting of ELSA the Netherlands will take place on 22nd-23rd-24th of September 2017!

The price including accommodation, all meals and (non)alcoholic beverages for 3 days is 90 euros.

The international programme in Amsterdam will cost additional 25 euros. The pre-ncm arrangements are to be discussed once we will know a definitive number or participants. In order to secure a spot, apply via the link below.

Woensbergweg 5, 1272 JP Huizen,

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Secretary General of ELSA the Netherlands, Żaneta Chrostowska at secgen@elsa-thenetherlands.org