The Benelux Conference

The Benelux Conference is one of the most appreciated and popular transnational events within the ELSA network, especially for the Dutch community. It is organized by ELSA the Netherlands, alongisde ELSA Luxembourg and ELSA Belgium

The topic of the conference changes each year and, while last year it was held on Artificial Intelligence, this year the S&C officers will look once again for a truly relevant matter or phenomenon that will be discussed by important figures and specialists.

It became a tradition for all the three countries and also for the international network, since the Benelux Conference takes place during the Christmas Cocktail weekend (which is held at the ELSA International House in Brussels), to attend the conference. This year, although we are all facing various difficulties because of the COVID-SARS-2 pandemic, our officers will, nonetheless, bring you an unforgettable experience, is the conference held physically or virtually. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Benelux Conference! Join us for an incredible, unforgettable experience that will not only make you love ELSA even more, but will aslo bring you additional knowledge on the current, global legal issues!