Alumni Talks – COMING SOON

Are you curious what the membership in ELSA brings to our students nowadays? 
What is life like after ELSA? 
How much the membership helped our alumni in their professional careers? 
Or maybe you are looking for inspiration for your future? 

We’ve, as always, got you covered! 

Stay tuned – a series of small, interactive interviews is coming your way, only on our social media platforms. ✔️


ELSA the Netherlands was present at the I International Strategy Meeting of ELSA, which took place from the 10th to the 14th of February 2021.

In the workshops, our President and Vice President for Marketing discussed with the other officers the proposals for procedural and structural amendments for our association. They also got the chance to attend the meeting with the founding fathers of ELSA and the many social gatherings organised after the workshops.

Thank you, our dear network, for the productive and insightful 5 days! 💙


EHRMCC Overview

One of the Regional Rounds of the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition took place during the weekend of 5-7.02.2021 in Maastricht. 

We want to thank @elsamaastrichtand Maastricht University @lawinmaastricht for hosting the event, @elsainternational ‘s team for the undescribable support, and we want to express yet again the immense gratitude for our gusests for enriching the academic programme with their knowledge and expertise: Ms @btahziblie , Ms @nadjahouben, Ms Helen Duffy, @humanrightsinthepicture. We want to thank our judges for supporting the participants and our team and for creating the atmosphere of academic stimulation. Congratulations to the participants and good luck with your mooting careers! 👩‍⚖️


February agenda

Check out what our groups have in store and make sure to join them for these exciting events!

ELSA Maastricht

‘All things academia: take your academic career to the next level aims at providing students with tools to kick-start their careers in academia.

‘Presentation on the Practice of Independent International Lawyers’ will be delivered by DelCanto, an international law firm that specialises in the areas of international and tax law (English, Spanish and Qatari law).

ELSA Maastricht will also host the Regional Round of the EHRMCC.

ELSA Amsterdam

‘Verder dan de advocatuur’ is a series of lectures. The first one will be delivered by a lieutenant colonel working as a legal professional at the Ministry of Defence.

The lecture ‘Duch law 101’ will be delivered by prof. Leonard Besselink on the unique constitutional structure of the Netherlands.

ELSA Utrecht

The interview with Marry de Gaay Foortman, author and partner with Houthoff, will be about her book ‘Don’t Drown a Dead Duck’ which presents her path to leadership.

ELSA Leiden

ELSA Leiden has planned two online visits. The first one is to the OPCW.

The second one, organised in collaboration with ProDemos, will be to the ECJ. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

ELSA Groningen

Alumni of the University of Groningen will deliver presentations about their professions, providing tips and trick on building a career within their corresponding field.

For the Diplomats’ Day, diplomats from Chile, Romania, Greece and Switzerland will be conducting presentations on the effects of Covid-19 in the context of international affairs and diplomacy, with limelight on their respective home states.

The Freshman Symposium is a collaboration with several local associations, meant to acquaint first-year students to the various specialisations and student associations that the Faculty of Law has to offer.

ELSA Tilburg

ELSA Tilburg will be organising an Instagram Quiz for Valentine’s Day.

It will also hold its local round of the National Moot Court Competition.

ELSA Delegations

Listening to professionals from around the world and witnessing international decision making is now within your reach!Become an ELSA Delegate by participating in the online sessions, apply until 15.02.2021 23:59 CET.For more information visit:

Academic Programme of the EHRMCC

The high quality academic program of the EHRMCC is one of the highlights of the Competition. The Regional Round in Maastricht will attract about 100 participants consisting of the top law students in Europe focusing on human rights and litigation. Meet and network with the best of human rights law students and advocates, and join us for the academic program!The Academic Program takes place on Friday 5 February at 15:00-17:00.

The spots for external attendants are limited. Competition participants are automatically guaranteed a spot, and ELSA members will be given priority in registering for the audience.Sign-up form:

About the program and speakers:

15:00-16:00 – Strategic Human Rights Litigation with Prof. Dr. Helen Duffy

Prof. Dr. Helen Duffy is an experienced practicing human rights lawyer and a part time professor of human rights and humanitarian law at Leiden University. She currently runs her own international practice ‘Human Rights in Practice’, which specializes in strategic litigation before regional and international human rights courts and bodies. Her current areas of focus include security and rule of law, climate crisis and judicial independence. She has extensive litigation experience before the European Court of Human Rights, African and Inter-American systems, the ECOWAS courts, UN human rights bodies and national courts.

16:00-17:00 – F/M/X Documentary Screening and Discussion with Dr. Bahia Tahzib-Lie and Ms. Nadja Houben

Dr. Bahia Tahzib-Lie is the Human Rights Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In the capacity of the Human Rights Ambassador, she promotes human rights around the world. She carries out bilateral missions and attends multilateral meetings. She also works to boost dialogue with society on human rights in the Netherlands and abroad. The promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms are a cornerstone of Dutch foreign policy.Ms. Nadja Houben studied Dutch Law & International Law at Erasmus University and was an exchange student at Kobe Gakuin University in Kobe, Japan.She worked for several human rights NGOS in Geneva, for the Dutch Ministry of Justice in The Hague and as a consultant. She is one of the founders of Human Rights in the Picture and runs this Dutch foundation since 2013. The organisation works on storytelling and impact through audio-visual art and shines a light on human rights violations by giving people a voice through film, music, photography and other forms of art.

69th issue of Synergy

Are you somewhat of an author yourself? Do not forget to submit your articles for the 69th Edition of Synergy on the topic of “Privacy and Human Rights in the digital era”! Take advantage of this experience to improve your CV and writing skills!

Deadline is the 22nd of February 2021 at 23:59 CET.You can write about:

  • The topic of the upcoming edition of Synergy,
  • International event/project or your international ELSA experiences (e.g. ELSA Delegations, international conferences, development in the Network),
  • Human Rights related event or Human Rights related legal issues,
  • International Focus Programme topic (Law and Technology).

The requirements of the articles are the following:1 page (no picture): 350 – 400 words2 pages (one big picture or a few smaller in one surface): 800-850 words3 pages (one or two pictures): 1200 – 1500 wordsContact us at


ELSA the Netherlands is happy to invite its local officers and members to the 81th National Council Meeting, the second one of this academic year. The working materials have been sent out to all of our current officers. If you are not a board member but want to join, please, contact your local group.


Make sure to follow our Facebook event, LXXXI National Council Meeting, not to miss any updates! See you there!

National Online Event Agenda – January


ELSA Maastricht organises an online lecture ‘The Brexit lecture part 2: the future of EU-UK relations’. 
Learn more: CLICK
Register: CLICK

ELSA Utrecht organises an online training with a partner (in Dutch).
Learn more: CLICK
Register: CLICK

ELSA Utrecht organises a webinar with Marry de Gaat Fortman ‘Don’t drown a dead duck’.
Learn more: CLICK
Register: CLICK

ELSA Leiden organises an online event on Brexit. More information will follow. Make sure to follow ELSA Leiden to stay up to date! 

ELSA Tilburg organises a guest online lecture with a professor from the Tilburg Institute for Law and Technology on LegalTech regulation. More information will follow. Make sure to follow ELSA Tilburg to stay up to date! 


National Essay Competition

What do you think about when you read the phrase ‘access to justice’? Do you agree with us that it has been impaired by the pandemic?

Share your conclusions and thoughts by writing an essay and become published in the Netherlands Helsinki Committee’s Security and Human Rights Journal!

After reviewing the shortlisted essays, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee will publish the 3 best ones. Also, an additional special prize will be announced soon!


Deadline: 31 January 2021, at 23:59,

Word count: 2500-5000,

Font: Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified,

Topic: Must be legal, related to the overall topic,

Front page: includes full name, contact information, university and year of studies, and the topic of the paper

Other formalities: Must include footnotes and a bibliography using OSCOLA; must include an abstract that is about 10% of the length of the essay; must include a short introduction of the writer.

Participants must be law students in one of the countries where ELSA is present!

Send submissions and questions to