ELSA ROLE Trainer Call

Do you have a passion for educating on the rule of law? And the fundamental values that build our modern world?

ELSA Rule of Law Protection Campaign, ROLE, is organized together with ELSA Alumni. Starting in January 2021, ELSA the Netherlands will participate in the pilot programme of the project. The campaign is first implemented in secondary schools during the trial phase (1.5 years), after which it will be expanded to primary and higher education as well as to the civil society as a whole.

We are looking for 2-4 ELSA members across the Netherlands to be trained to become ROLE trainers in different high schools (Dutch and international). The training lasts for 1 week, takes place in Brussels, and all of the costs associated with it are covered by ELSA International.

The commitment is first for Spring 2021, with the possibility to extend the term by one year afterwards. The campaign follows the ‘ELSA for Schools’ format, where trainers first give lecture(s) on the protection of the rule of law in Europe, implement small quizzes or stimulate discussion, and finally organize a form of examination or competition such as a mini moot court or a debate competition. The position may also entail translating some of the campaign materials from English to Dutch, as well as training future local campaigners.

The project is coordinated by the Vice President of Academic Activities and the Director for Advocacy. We are looking for 2-4 trainers, fluency in Dutch is a strong advantage in applicants, but we also accept non-Dutch-speakers. If you wish to apply, send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to the Vice President of Academic Activities, Maija Maunu, at academicactivities@nl.elsa.org.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 30.09.2020 | 23:59